Real Estate

Our Real Estate services include Homes, Residential & Commercial Property, Investment Property, and Acreage, just to name a few. Selling Real Estate at Auction can bring you exciting results at true market value.

The use of auctions as a viable marketing tool in the real estate industry is rapidly growing. Auctions provide fast turnover, and offer a method to immediately sell properties that otherwise may not be sold for a longer period of time. Due to sale terms being set prior to the auction, all buyers are bidding according to the same contract, which means there is no haggling or counter-offer hassle.

We believe your best results will come by contracting with us to conduct the sale & marketing of your valuable real estate at public auction. As professionals we believe each and every seller should receive the maximum proceeds from his or her real estate investment.

With a Real Estate Broker on staff, not only can we auction your real estate but we can also list your property through a traditional real estate listing.

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